Ready to see what happens when you go all-in?

Sara Anderson

Hi, I’m Sara – 

I work with Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to claim their boldest vision, bring their most powerful work into the world, and create deep connections with themselves and the people around them. 

In my 1:1 coaching I support clients with both the practical “boots-on-the-ground” strategy and implementation and the internal obstacles that arise along the way.

Ready to see what you can create when go all-in?

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Sara Anderson

When I began working with Sara I was stuck at work and more importantly stuck in an old story and was living that story out in my professional and personal life. 

Sara helped me find my voice and showed me how to set clear yet compassionate boundaries. Sara did such a beautiful job of reflecting back to me on my opportunities for growth and worked with me to find the words to clearly articulate what I was and was not able to do.

Internally, I feel more freedom and spaciousness. I am less in my head and more in my body. I am able to see clearly when I am triggered and most times able to allow myself to feel what comes up from that trigger without making it mean anything.


Brynne Caleda

Founder, YogaEd

1:1 Transformational Coaching

Are you ready to go all-in on your most vibrant and authentic life? Working with me gives you the support and guidance to create deep and lasting transformation in your life. Maybe you’ve been feeling restless, unfulfilled, on edge. Maybe you’ve witnessed yourself shrinking back from your fullest expression, letting boundaries be crossed, or are frustrated by the quality of connection in your life. When you are ready for change – you know it. You don’t need to know the what or the how. I will guide you in reconnecting to yourself in ways that will create clarity, opportunity, and transformation in your life.  

1:1 Aligned Business Coaching

It’s time to play by your own rules, and I’m here to support you in discovering exactly what that means for you. Together, we’ll clear out all the “shoulds” and energy leaks in your business and then we’ll get creative so that you can grow your business it in a way that lights you up. Weekly coaching sessions are a mix of energetics and strategy to support you in both the flow and structure needed for sustainable growth. You’ll also have ongoing access to me for support and consultation as you ride the waves of entrepreneurship

In this past year my clients have...

  • Started an events business from scratch to completely booked out
  • Transitioned from burned-out as a teacher to a freelance writing career
  • Overcame draining interpersonal dynamics and reclaiming personal power and expression
  • Gotten clarity on what’s next and enrolling in a coaching certification
  • Replaced teaching income as a performing artist and vocal coach
  • Created balance as a single mother, health professional, and international award winning actor
  • Deepened in relationship with her spouse and getting clear on a collaborative life-vision

Not sure where to begin? Send me an email at and I’m happy to answer any questions and explore if we might be a good fit to work together.