Hi, I’m Sara – coach, entrepreneur, public speaker, collaborator, and multi-passionate human being. 

My interest in just about everything meant that I spent my 20s trying, testing, and collecting a wide variety of experiences.

I tend to attract vibrant and multi-passionate humans who love to do cool things and have big ideas about the world as my clients.

In my coaching, I bring together both the bottom-line strategy and the powerful soft- and less tangible skills to serve at a deep and transformational level.

What do I do?

I support my clients in turning their biggest, boldest, and most impactful dreams into reality. 

My clients are powerful, creative, and have big visions for their life and this world. 

My job is to guide them to tap into what is already there. 

Support them in tuning into their uniqueness and their power. 

Untangle any threads of confusion. 

Together, we get curious about any of the obstacles that hold them back from their fullest expression. 

They get to move through the internal obstacles as they step into the practical action of growing their business, leadership, relationships (or all of the above). 

Nothing in life happens in a silo. We are complex and multifaceted. If we are running into resistance in one area, the answer isn’t to double down – it’s to get curious. 

I support my clients in achieving their version of success as the whole, vibrant, complex, and multifaceted person they are. 

Am I the right coach for you?

Coaching is personal. The best way to know if someone is right for you, is to speak to them live, ask questions, and get a sense of the fit. 

My coaching is unique – most of my clients had never experienced anything like it, until we worked together.  

If you’re curious, I suggest submitting an application to work with me. If I think we might be a fit and I’m inspired by what you are up to, I will offer a no-strings-attached deep-dive coaching session. If it isn’t a fit, I’ll offer resources or referrals that I think will support you. 

You have nothing to lose. 

Submit your application to work with me here. 

I’m always leveling-up my skills as a coach and entrepreneur. Here are some of my qualifications and what I’ve been up to:

  • Certified Mastery Method Transformational Coach (ICF accredited year-long training)
  • Berkeley Greater Good Science Center Mindfulness Teacher (certification Feb 2023)
  • Degree in Communication, specializing in speaking, organizational, and interpersonal.
  • Held a variety of roles in tech, spanning international strategic partnerships, product, sales, project management.
  • Nationally recognized university level competitive public speaker.
  • Mentored numerous corporate public speaking clubs, including ones at AirBnb and LinkedIn.
  • Managed an internal innovation incubator within Uber.
  • Traveled the world hosting a podcast on unique entrepreneurs – interviewing guests with 100k+ followings.
  • Wrote articles for numerous publications and got myself featured in Glamour mag for Biohacking.
  • Host multiple workshops for corporate clients monthly
  • Started and sustain a coaching practice without social media marketing

If you have something else in mind or are curious and want to know more, send me an email sara@saraanderson.co and let’s connect.

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