A whole-self approach to life-changing expansion.

Hey, I'm Sara.

I help impact-driven leaders build businesses and careers that feel alive, aligned, and fit in perfectly with the greater scheme of their full and vibrant lives.

My approach is holistic, collaborative, and leverages a unique blend of my experiences in business, technology, marketing, psychology, somatics, and mindfulness.

I support clients with both the practical strategy and the energetics and intangibles required to make real, powerful shifts.

Ready to create massive transformation in your life?

What people are saying...

"By the time I had my final session with Sara, we looked at my finances and, sure enough, with all of the new opportunities and students that came in during our 4 months of working together, I had met my goal! My current income as a Performing & Teaching Artist equals what I was making in my prior (emotionally stressful and exhausting) job!"
Kristin Markiton
"Before I started working with Sara I felt stuck and frozen because I had so many ideas and I didn’t know what to do first and I just felt scattered. Since the start of our work she’s helped me stay focused on one idea at a time, and it’s helped me actually move through a lot of personal blockages and given me some momentum."
Robin DeBold
"Sara was an anchor for me during a transitional phase of my life. She intuitively understood many things about me and my vision, which made it easier to communicate! I love how gracious and meticulous she is! She asked the perfect questions and paid attention to all the details I would normally try to bypass. I now have more expansive goals for myself and feel closer to achieving my dreams."
Aleksa Kaye Herbalist
Aleksa K.

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