Meet Sara -
Communication and Leadership Coach for Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Sara is a communication coach, leadership coach, facilitator, speaker, and entrepreneur. She helps professionals, organizations, and service-based entrepreneurs elevate their lives and work through by strengthening transformational soft-skills like communication.

In serving dozens of clients in group coaching programs, masterminds, 1:1 coaching, and corporate facilitation, Sara has honed her focus on the 2 key ingredients she has seen make the biggest difference in the lives of her clients: self-mastery and communication.

Through her work in Silicon Valley, Sara found that despite having no technical background or experience, she was sought after in the tech world for her people-skills alone. She was invited to work for big-name companies, like Uber, based on her reputation for “Getting things done, getting what she wants, while being liked and respected by her colleagues and clients.”

Building on her Transformational Mastery Method Coaching and Mindfulness Teacher certifications, her experience in Silicon Valley, as an entrepreneur, as a competitive public speaker, leader of multiple corporate public speaking programs, and with her coaching clients, Sara has dedicated herself to standing as a leader at the intersection of:

  • Self-mastery
  • Communication
  • Human-centered business

Sara believes that communication and self-mastery is the key to differentiating in a highly competitive world.

At the heart of Sara’s work is a desire to give her clients the freedom of living from their authenticity and the power to express and articulate themselves in a way that elevates their lives and connections.

Her work is for clients and organizations who have the skills and drive to succeed and are looking for tools to elevate themselves as unparalleled industry leaders.

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